Removing a versioned file/directory or fetch svn project without svn files and without deleting it

I worked with any technologies and languages. Many times we need some folder or codebase for your new project.
So we need to copy old project code or folder in our new project. In rails we need many plugins for our project. Some times few plugins are not getting installed in our project.

Few days back i tried to install acts_as_solr plugin in my project. I got an error. So i coppied acts_as_solr plugin from my old project and pasted in new project.

When i tried to SVN commit the files in the new project. That files started commiting to Old project.
So i need to remove all .svn folders form all the subfolders. Than only i can add all the folder to new project.

I google around for solution. I found many ways:

  • Remove the all .svn folder from all subfolder.
  • Through linux command find all .svn file and delete. (but i think this harmful)
  • SVN export – command

SVN export is the very simple and reliable way to fetch project out of svn.
In windows, using svn export is very easy.


Svn Switch or Downgrade Project subversion copy

I have using two OS on my machine(Fedora 9 and Windows XP). and Workspace or Project environment i am using same directory which present on NTFS partition.

Few days back when i am working on one project(Fedora 9). and tried to commit my code. i got following error:
svn: This client is too old to work with working copy ‘.’; please get a newer Subversion client

I searched lot on google but not found any proper solution. But i got to know i am using subversion 1.6.2 on windows machine and fedora box i am using older version 1.4.2. That is reason i get the error.
I tried following command:
yum update subversion

But this not worked for fedora9.

I need to install subversion 1.6.2 to solve the problem. But later on realize that there is no upgraded stable version available for Fedora or Linux.

I goon through so many articles but not found exact solution.
Here is solution of this problem. I found this solution in Subversion faq page.

Download and run a python script( to set the working copy back to the your subversion-
chmod +x
./ . 1.4

This will solve your problem.
Important Note:This method helpfull to 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6 subversion software.