Svn Switch or Downgrade Project subversion copy

I have using two OS on my machine(Fedora 9 and Windows XP). and Workspace or Project environment i am using same directory which present on NTFS partition.

Few days back when i am working on one project(Fedora 9). and tried to commit my code. i got following error:
svn: This client is too old to work with working copy ‘.’; please get a newer Subversion client

I searched lot on google but not found any proper solution. But i got to know i am using subversion 1.6.2 on windows machine and fedora box i am using older version 1.4.2. That is reason i get the error.
I tried following command:
yum update subversion

But this not worked for fedora9.

I need to install subversion 1.6.2 to solve the problem. But later on realize that there is no upgraded stable version available for Fedora or Linux.

I goon through so many articles but not found exact solution.
Here is solution of this problem. I found this solution in Subversion faq page.

Download and run a python script( to set the working copy back to the your subversion-
chmod +x
./ . 1.4

This will solve your problem.
Important Note:This method helpfull to 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6 subversion software.