text_area tag in Rails – Issues

When you start New Rails project.  Always we used scaffolding for creating simple base for out application.

I used scaffolding for some methods. I got some very weird issue about tex_area tag in rails.

When i check the forms textagea fields are coming with 20 rows and 40 cols default. When i tried to change that is not changing even though CSS also.

<textarea id=”dummy_text” rows=”20″ name=”dummy_text” cols=”40″/>

After digging into rails code i got know that Rails ->Actionpack-> form_helper.rb file has default setting of textarea field.

def text_area(object_name, method, options = {})
InstanceTag.new(object_name, method, self, options.delete(:object)).to_text_area_tag(options)

We can change this also. but this is not good idea

so good idea is select our project and use find replace:

text_area to text_area_tag

This is the simplest solution.


JavaScript/CSS Compression

Few days before i was searching for Jquery JS library compression.
Yes there is compressed version available but i want to make some changes in JS files as per my project requirements.
So i want to compress my JS and CSS files without getting any error.
YUI Compressor 2.4.2. is the very nice tool for that. But i dont want to spend time on how YUI compressor is working.

So here is solution- I got online YUI compressor.
You can use that:
It has very nice options.