9 Best professional online networking web sites

1. Network: Linkedin

Registered Members: LinkedIn has 30 million professional members from around the world representing 150 industries.

2. Network: Ecademy
Registered Members: Membership numbers aren’t disclosed.

3. Network: Xing
Registered Members: 6 million members, mainly Europe (Germany) and China.

4. Network: Ryze
Registered Members: 500,000 members

5. Network: Plaxo
Registered Members: 15 million members

6. Spoke
Registered Members: Over 60 million people

7. Silicon India
Registered Members: 500,000 members

8. brijj.com
Registered Members: Membership numbers aren’t disclosed.

9. facebook.com
Registered Members: 321.1 million people have a facebook by 2009.

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About Purab Kharat

I am WordPress and Drupal Architect. I worked on many technologies like Ruby on Rails, Flex, PHP etc... I am Purab Kharat from India, Pune. I love to play chess and listen music and read books. I work in SY Smartsourcing Global Pvt Ltd in Princeton, NJ, USA. Now I am living at Plainsboro, 164 Hampshire Drive, Princeton Meadows, NJ. I have more then Ten years experience in Web Application Development (Specially in Php 5.0, Ruby on Rails, Mysql 5.0, RIA, Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Ecommerce)

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