get time difference in minutes

I created javascript function named “getTheDiffTime” using that function you will be able to fetch the time difference in various format.

function getTheDiffTime(dateone, datetwo,format){
//format = “Days”, Hours, Minutes, Seconds
if(dateone > datetwo) {
var seconds = dateone.getTime() – datetwo.getTime();
} else {
var seconds = datetwo.getTime() – dateone.getTime();
var second = 1000, minute = 60 * second, hour = 60 * minute, day = 24 * hour;
var rformat = Math.floor(seconds / day);
seconds -= rformat * day;
//alert(“days: “+rformat);
}else if(format==”Hours”){
// find the hours
rformat = translate(seconds / hour);
//alert(“hours: “+rformat);
}else if (format==”Minutes”){
//find the mintues
rformat= translate(seconds / minute);
//alert(“minutes: “+ rformat);
}else if(format==”Seconds”){
//find the seconds
rformat = translate(seconds / second);
//alert(“seconds: “+rformat);

return rformat


How to use this function here I am giving you the one good example.

I am going to get the current months minutes using this function.

//for calculating the current month in mintue -script
currentMonth = new Date();
plus_oneMonth = new Date();


You will get return the minutes.

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