Creating the multiple namespace JS library with classes

When I started the creating new namespace JS library I got very usful artile to read.

In this article they covered lot of things ( namespace protection objective )

Here I am using the namespace manager code:

// Create the Namespace Manager that we’ll use to
/// make creating namespaces a little easier.

if (typeof Namespace == ‘undefined’) var Namespace = {};
if (!Namespace.Manager) Namespace.Manager = {};

Namespace.Manager = {
namespace = namespace.split(‘.’);

if(!window[namespace[0]]) window[namespace[0]] = {};

var strFullNamespace = namespace[0];
for(var i = 1; i < namespace.length; i++)
strFullNamespace += “.” + namespace[i];
eval(“if(!window.” + strFullNamespace + “)window.” + strFullNamespace + “={};”);


// Register our Namespace

Here I regestered the namspace.

Dummy.Utility.Class.dunnyClass = function() {

this.test= function(){alert(“test”);}

this.test2= function(){alert(“test2”);}


Using this namaspace JS class in HTML.

var dumdum = new Dummy.Utility.Class.dunnyClass();



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