Share Thunderbird Between Windows and Linux

Many people are using Thunderbird as a email client.

I am using the Windows xp and Fedora 8 (Dual boot OS) on my System. Two years back i was using Microsoft office Outlook for viewing the emails.

Later on i need to work on Linux also. For email check i always i need to go or restart the system and start the Outlook.

Then i moved to Thunderbird which is Open source and free. Important thing is Thunderbird works on Linux and windows both.

My Tip :Share Thunderbird Between Windows and Linux

I installed the Thunderbird for Windows. First save all settings. Then follow my steps:

1. Open Thunderbird ->Click on Local Folders button(Top left button)

2. Choose or click on-> View settings for this account

3. Choose or click on-> Local Folders

4. First go that location by browsing the explorer and copy the folder and paste into your d:  drive.

5. Restart the thunderbird.


You need installed Samba windows share program in your Linux OS. Samba share is the free linux utility for checking windows files or drive.

Then go to Linux OS. and follow the save stages. Which i mentioned in top.

You will be able to use or check same emails on Windows and Linux.


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