Cheapest mobile internet in India

Now I am using the Aircel GPRS in Pune. Let me tell you the easiest and cheapest way to access and get the internet through mobile.
First i taken Aircel Sim card in just Rs. 99 only. Then with in 10 min i get activated my mobile no. then i recharged my mobile to Rs. 98 for mobile Internet (GPRS). This is for Unlimited uses scheme for GPRS. This is the cheapest rate plan in India. I spedn only Rs. 197 only for one month use of Internet.
Net Speed is slow but worth it to Rs. 197.
you can increase your GPRS internet speed. Please follow the steps:
I am telling these steps for XP professional Os.
1. Go to Control Panel->Network Connections-> Than
2. Select your mobile connection Icon and go to properties.
3. Click on General tab and click on configure button
4. select the box of Maximum speed(bps) -Bits Per second
5. change that to 921600 and stop the mobile internet
6. restart the mobile internet or restart the GPRS

You will able to get good speed not boost but nice.

All the Best

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7 thoughts on “Cheapest mobile internet in India

  1. Aircel is new company in Pune…In Chennai they are quite good. But i must say GPRS providing in cheap rate. Speed is not good.

  2. Aircel is really doing good job for internet lovers… I would like to go for it. Thanks for the valuable post 🙂

  3. Bigc(mobile dealers) gave me aircel card free of charge in hyderabad. So internet only at rs 98.Sometimes i get 10kbps transfer rate sometimes 2kbps and sometimes in bytes.anyways something is better than nothing…

  4. Aircel gprs sucks.It has very slow speed gprs.Better is that you all go for airtel or docomo these are faster and also almost unlimited.

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